“Planned UnParenthood” – A Revisit & Revision

It was only a few weeks ago where I swore that I would never read this book again. This was born out of a fear of finding too many things that might need to be changed. Revising is one of my favourite things about work. I long viewed Planned UnParenthood as being finished completely. It […]


International Childfree Day 2014 #mondayblogs

This past Friday August 1, another International Childfree Day presented and passed. Certainly a humbling day for me personally having won “International Childfree Man of The Year”. I am grateful to the selection panel for their consideration, my family, colleagues, friends and to the Childfree community as a whole for their kind words of support. […]

International #Childfree Day

Yesterday, August 1 was International Childfree Day. Celebrating diversity in positive lifestyle decisions. The celebrations are set to continue with TIME Magazine featuring a cover story about childfree living by author Lauren Sandler. Sandler incidentally is the author of “One And Only”, a book about having (and being) an only child. I took to Facebook […]