Revisions and Deletions

I spent part of the weekend skimming over some older posts on this site. We are talking posts that date back 5 years. It is nice to see how far I have developed with work. At the same time, there were a few posts I was not happy looking back on. Material that I would […]

Start of the Week Refresher – Your Writing Space

Think about where you might usually work from when you write.  Think about sitting down at that space on the first of the week.  Look at your surroundings. Is there anything you might need to change about the space?  My office space needs a little bit of work right now. There is filing piling up […]


Looking For Today

How appropriate that I should use a Black Sabbath song for a blog title. Won’t be the last time I assure you. Friday’s for many seem to be the one day of the week where everyone finds themselves. Even for a brief few minutes or hours, everyone rides in the wave of relief that the […]