Black Sabbath. 50 Years of Paranoid.

It was only months after Black Sabbath’s debut scared some people into panic. Others turned it up loud, and drew themselves in to a music revolution. When the music world woke up to a heavier sound. The second album from the Birmingham quartet would set a definitive standard for heavy metal music. There is not […]


Black Sabbath – 50 Years Later

A rolling thunderstorm, bells ringing. Then, one of the most recognizable riffs in heavy music slams through the speakers. “What is this that stands before me?” Ozzy Osbourne’s wailing lyrical questioning of what he just saw. The lyrics to the title track reflecting on an experience shared by bassist Terry “Geezer” Butler. Black Sabbath’s first […]

Black Sabbath – Back To Earth

Upon what is normally a sombre day of reflection dedicated to those who have put themselves in the lines of fire and for freedom, a¬†happy piece of news for the heavy metal community. After much speculation and news that new music was being written, the original Earth / Black Sabbath lineup of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony […]