Youth In The Arts

Youth will quit the arts for two main reasons. They are forced into it and have no actual interest. They are interested, but parents and educators demand instant perfection. Instead of demanding perfection, we should encourage encouragement. @WriterDann

Reflection – A Message For Parents

Let your kids discover artistic forms of expression on their own. Forcing them into piano lessons or whatever other things you want them in makes it a chore. If your kids discover something on their own. Encourage it. Let them see the beauty of the world through the art forms they discover. @WriterDann  


Childhood Chores

Piano Lessons. Dance Lessons. Boy Scouts. Girl Guides. Many of you ended up in stuff like this as kids. How many of you actually chose it? Were you actually interested? I’ll cover all bets that the majority of you were not interested. I’ve long been critical of this overwhelming need for parents to insert their […]