Neil Young, Rust Never Sleeps

Having been born in 1979, I love to jokingly tell people I was brought into the world to help put an end to disco. When I was a student of a local guitar genius from up the street, he introduced me to a record from 1979 which would become a major influence in my listening. […]


The Tape Traders. #mondayblogs

Great songs on cassette required serious work if you wanted to hear them again. Rewind, then Play. Or if you owned a Walkman that was lacking in a Rewind button, you flipped the tape over, hit Fast-Forward, flipped the tape back and hope you managed to get far enough to get to the beginning of […]

Record Store Day

    International Record Store Day drew attention to the glorious medium of music on records and the businesses that sell it. I have been collecting records for a long time and it is something I enjoy immensely. ┬áTo me it is still the best method for listening to music. Rock and Roll Hall of […]