Simple Discoveries

Lyons Brook, Nova Scotia¬† It is spring. This picture is one of the best winter photos I’ve taken. So if you are groaning about seeing snow in your timeline, fine, move along. Point here is to highlight simple appreciations. Winter provides great opportunity for appreciation of scenery such as what is captured here. This is […]

Winter Scene

Here’s a look back at a personal favourite photo. It’s taken from a restaurant overlooking the back yard behind it. Many have been fooled by this and thought it to be an opening to a large open field. It actually opens up to a harbour. This winter was a particularly cold one. The last few […]

Blizzards and Basketball #mondayblogs

  In behind the overgrowth of branches in this photo you can see a basketball net. The backboard is well worn from over two decades of weather and bank shots. ¬†The ground pounded down from heavy footsteps and layup pathways. Hours were spent here in every season. Even waist deep winter storms could never stop […]