Picking Up The Pieces

That moment where you realize you may not have worked in a few days. Or is it weeks… Months? It can happen. You might feel a sense of craft ignorance. Do you feel as a writer like you have been ignoring writing? Not necessarily. I have written much on these pages about how even thinking […]

Militant Unity

While looking for a place to have dinner in Oromocto, New Brunswick, I succeeded in getting myself caught in one of those goofy roundabouts that are supposed to slow down traffic. I was able to prove that it will often slow down traffic that is also coming in the wrong direction.  A kind community resident […]

The Pursuit of Pursuits

This writing tatt is very significant to me. I asked hometown New Glasgow Nova Scotia tattoo artist Brian Mackenzie if he could draw up something reflective and symbolic of writing, include a quill pen and the hand-written word “Solitude”. This is the brilliant design he came up with, now on my right arm. “Solitude” is also the title […]