About The Author


Dann Alexander is a writer based near Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. He has written poetry and prose since his awkward teenage years. In addition to his penchant for the literary, Dann has written music reviews for the now defunct site State of The Rock World. Today, Dann works with clients to create quality content for their websites and print publications. He has appeared on News 95.7 Sheldon McLeod radio show and Jennifer Mattern’s All Indie Writers Podcast. He is a long-time member of The Writers ‘Federation of Nova Scotia. 

Dann speaks candidly about his choice to live without having children. He is the author of Planned UnParenthood, Creating a Life Without Procreating, which is available at Amazon sites worldwide, via special order from Chapters/Indigo/Coles bookstores in Canada and through other online retailers across the globe. Follow Dann on Twitter @WriterDann where he can be found musing about writer life and helping to promote animal rescue groups.

“Anyone who has chosen against reproduction should not be sequestered outside of the societal circle. The level of those without children still appears to be high due to a lack of understanding.”

-Planned UnParenthood

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