“Anyone who has chosen against reproduction should not be sequestered outside of the societal circle. The level of those without children still appears to be high due to a lack of understanding.”

Excerpt from Planned UnParenthood, Creating a Life Without Procreating.  Available at Amazon sites worldwide, via special order from Chapters/Indigo/Coles bookstores in Canada and through other online retailers across the globe. 

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I am a freelance writer based just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Initially, my first forays into the world of words was writing  poetry and short stories in high school.  Towards the end of school I was fortunate to add music reviews to my experience. I was a contributor to the long-gone website State of The Rock World. I have worked with clients to generate and edit quality work for their web pages and print publications on a variety of topics. I am very interested in exploring new freelance opportunities and welcome queries from potential clients. In between freelance writing work I continue to work on other creative projects when time permits.

Having appeared on Halifax radio News 95.7 FM’s The Sheldon MacLeod Show, I am available for appearances to talk about the choice of not having children, and many other subjects, such as social media and the arts.  

You can find me on Twitter @WriterDann where I actively promote animal rescue and anything else that is worth talking about. You read new musings through my blog where I post a few times per month.