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Dann Alexander is a writer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Originally from New Glasgow, Dann started his freelance career in his teens as a high school student. This led him to working as a music reviewer for the now-defunct website State of The Rock World. As a bassist, music remains an important influence in Dann’s life which is evident in many of his written works.

Over the years, Dann has written content for a number of websites while adding several print publication works to his credit. In 2021, his work appeared on CBC Prince Edward Island. He has appeared on numerous radio shows, podcasts and video-conferencing platforms discussing issues of professional and personal interest, including animal rights. In 2016, he adopted veganism into his life and uses that perspective in animal rights and environmental advocacy.

The Author of three books, the somewhat maybe kind of pioneering depending on who you ask “Planned UnParenthood, Creating a Life Without Procreating. (Published in 2012, revised in 2015). The short fiction collection “Throwing Dice” from 2013 and his most recent, “Let Nothing Go to Waste”, a collection of non-fiction short pieces released in 2020.

Dann uses only Twitter for a Social Media Platform.

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