Finding the Brutal Truth at Exit-13

Contrary to the ignorant, grindcore is not all just a “bunch of noise”. It can be musical and entertaining with messages of alarm and messages of new awareness. In September of 1992, American grindcore act Brutal Truth released what is arguably one of the greatest records of the genre. With solid veteran musicianship, and contributions […]


For Jim Nunn

At the beginning of the month, I widely shared among colleagues an interview from 1991 with Civil Rights and Journalism pioneer Dr. Carrie Best. She’s interviewed here outside her house in my hometown of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. It’s been announced that interviewer Jim Nunn passed away. He was one of the first television newscasters […]

Dann After Dark – Offside, The Harold Ballard Story.

Finally getting around to watching Offside: The Harold Ballard Story. I’m grateful to CBC Gem for having this documentary hosted on their servers. I wish I could comment significantly in depth on the various points in the story. But it would ultimately end up giving away most of this story which are worth watching. Overall […]