Pink Floyd

It’s better late than never to hear and appreciate amazing music. Pink Floyd. They have crossed over to generations of fans. Those fans enjoy variable tastes in music. My initial reactions to their music were puzzled looks of confusion and annoyance. One of my best mates always dug them. You would occasionally hear songs from […]

Pens. Within Reach, Within Steps.

They are everywhere in many homes. People bring them home accidentally from their places of work. They might receive them as promotional gifts from businesses and friends. A typical “junk drawer” might have a dozen or more. A few collectors might have a real fancy fountain pen that writes brilliantly, Something more classy and refined […]

Sesame Street’s Whimsical Yip Yip Martians

RADIO If ever I need to refer to Sesame Street for something research wise, it is almost impossible to do. My most cherished memories with the Children’s Television Workshop show are any and all clips of the beloved Martians. The Yip Yips. It’s absurd. It’s loony. It’s still hilarious years later. A combination of basic […]

Jaw Surgery Recovery. 2 Weeks No Talking

On April 25th this past spring, I was fortunate to have orthognathic (jaw) surgery at the Victoria General Hospital in nearby Halifax. Few complications aside, it was well worth it and I am very happy with the results. The difficult days of the recovery were well worth it. Procedure was moving of both jaws and […]

The Declining Value of Music

 A small sampling of some of the record collection. It is still awe-striking to see how the value of music has decreased so much in the last two decades. The value continues to slide. The majority of popular music today is over-produced with “talent” that often has no actual talent. There are very few exceptions. […]

Minimalism At The Office

  Trying to keep the home office simple now. Although the cat isn’t simple. This is a quick snapshot of what my home office work area looks like now. It was previously quite a colluded mess of semi-organized stuff. I still have some of that stuff. Some of that stuff was donated so others could […]