Countdown to E-Day

It is just about the start of May long. It is not just a long weekend. It is also a long week leading up to a long weekend.

Was that a long-strung together thought?

For the last several weeks I have been planning this coming weekend as a big E-Day for my manuscript.  For new readers, the manuscript is a book about the decision not to have children. Edit Day is coming. I received my first draft back from my business manager/editor/better looking other half wife. It is full of red marks which I need to fix, add, subtract, multiply and other mathematical equations I may not comprehend.

Somehow I will get it done and get it right. Having a second set of eyes for anything I have written is always helpful. It can also alleviate the conscious of any writer who might be “blessed” with obsessive compulsive tendencies. My wife certainly has a great set of eyes compared to my own on some days, so I am grateful for her input regardless of what I am working on.

As I invest more time in this project my level of excitement for what is on the page so far, multiplies. There are so many things to consider as this gets closer to a more finalized form. Agency consideration, self-publishing options, the possibility of having an outside editor review the script, and many other things.

My wife said long ago, best to get the book written first. She’s on to something.

I look at writing the same way that Frank Zappa looked at composing music. He always said that “sounds are for listening to”. 

I would say words are meant to be read, meant to be written, meant to be said. Writers enjoy the act of collecting and organizing thoughts and information into something that people will see with their eyes, and hear with their ears.

Happy May Long ….


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