Why Labour on Labour Day? #mondayblogs

vic park


Stop. Right now.

No more planning anything physically strenuous on this Labour Day Monday. Sure I suppose if you want to exercise that is all fine and good. Strongly encourage that if it helps clear your head, as it does mine. Refresh. Recharge. Relax. Refocus.

Perhaps I should be listening to my own advice for a change.

September is a refreshing start. Once I left high school in 1997, I began to appreciate how much I enjoy September. The cooler weather and the calming colours in among the trees.

It’s great to enjoy this kind of season in Atlantic Canada. The September scenery paints vivid live photography right before the eyes of what nature has to offer. Sure, summer is great. Sunshine is superb. After a while I find that any excess heat with humidity is maddeningly trying on the nerves. Or what little I have left of them. Maybe it’s me, but the heat has always slowed me down. I feel less drive to move about outdoors and do anything involving yard work. I would call it not so much fun when you start to sweat bullets within a few seconds of standing outside. In fairness, we have not had that hot of a summer here. I recognize though that many parts of North America have had to deal with hellfire heatwaves. Hopefully those are coming to an end for most.

There is a different heat I do enjoy and will look forward to more of it in the coming months. The great heat from the fireplace and the wood stove. The peacefulness of a roaring flame. Reading, writing, movies and meals by fireside. For me it is one of the most peaceful things in life.


The fresher air tends to keep me going. Any outdoor work seems easier and even more enjoyable to work through. There are a few things I wanted to get to this weekend. Minor work outdoors involving clearing up a few more branches on the various trees and shrubs.

Decided to back off. Do what was necessary and then close the door behind me. It can wait a few more days, or weeks. Perhaps it is time to use this Labour Day restfully by doing little to no Labour as part of it

Sounds inviting? Consider it as an option for yourself. If you are free, consider making the day for yourself. If it can wait, leave it for another day.


Thank you for reading.




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