Planned UnParenthood. Continuing The Dialogue About Not Having Kids

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Originally released in 2012 and revised this year, my book is continuing to be a launch pad for topics of discussion surrounding the choice not to have children. I never intended to re-read the book again but was encouraged by the idea that even a slight revision could maybe redefine the discussion.

I have used many of the topics within the book to bring about further writings and discussions via contributions at

Non Parents has a tremendous amount of variable content that is worth reading. There is a forum set up where registered users can start and contribute to discussion. Commenting on articles is highly encouraged. Readers may find themselves relating to the stories of those who could not have children. Many readers who are choosing to live childfree may find themselves more encouraged to speak out about their choice.

Planned UnParenthood was written to be an easy, educational and entertaining read. Many readers I have heard from told me they have read the book in one sitting. Others have told me about having shared the book with family members as a way to tell them that they are not planning to have kids. One of the best rewards of having written this book so far has been the feedback from parents. I’ve been contacted on numerous occasions by parents who have said things like “I understand now”.

The book is available through most Amazon websites worldwide, as well as many other online book retailers. Interested in further reading on the topic? Head over to Non Parents at

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