Veganuary Continued. Thinking Greener.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Veganuary does not have to be just about plant-based eating. It is another opportunity to review how much greener our lives can be in general. Even a simple step forward environmentally can contribute to a greater positive change. Here are a couple of suggestions.

Review your household recycling habits. – Are you recycling everything you possibly can? Take time to review the recycling rules in your municipality and ensure you are current with them.

Review the everyday products you use for personal and household care. – If you are using products that are not vegan-friendly for cleaning and personal care, take some time to research products you can use in their place. A gradual phase-in of cruelty-free products chips away at the demand for products that are tested on animals or made with from animals. You would be surprised to learn how much soaps and shampoos are made from animals. There are many places where you can purchase cruelty-free products online. Do the homework. It is worth it in the long-run.



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