Whatever Facebook Becomes….

The curtain continues to stay held back on the overall harm Facebook continues to cause. There are mounting stories online of the hell and havoc from people being harassed and defamed online. Rather than being a tool for togetherness, it has become a weapon of worry and a digital missile of misinformation repeatedly exploding on the screens of users.

Whatever name change takes place, it does not mean the credibility of the brand has a clean slate to start afresh. Facebook continues to use personal data and information to make billions from advertising. Those are dollars that belong to the content generators. Their “Terms of Service” is not something most users could properly understand. Ironic since many people violate the terms on a regular basis anyway by posting misinformation and illegal content.

None of the Social Media platforms are perfectly positive. Twitter (the only one I use) still has a long way to go on dealing with harassment and bullying especially when it comes to harassment and bullying.

Nothing positive will come from a corporate name change. It will just bring FB more money and more press.



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