Writing Through It and Research Inclusion

May 2015 office

This past Friday night, I submitted a piece for a website that I regularly contribute to. As I was working I felt a bit of a struggle to have the article sound the way it should when I read it back. It was a real sense of being stuck on something for the first time in weeks. I was determined to push through and write through it.

As I read each line back to myself, I revised as I was reviewing, wiped out some sentences and replaced a few where needed. Wrote it out. Worked it out. Attached it to an email and hit send to the editor. I’m grateful this editor thought it fit for publication. The editor did respond with the suggestion that it would be helpful to include links to some of the research for the piece where the piece involves policy. Makes complete sense to me.

If you are writing something for the web that discusses something policy or procedure wise, links to that information is helpful. It will give your readers some expanded reading to companion your writing with. That extra content could also encourage readers to engage and discuss your topic in a comment response section.

If you find yourself stuck, write through it. Walk away if you must. Refresh and recharge, then return.



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