Subject Writing, Subjectively


I’m often amazed at how there always seems to be something to write about. The concept of Writer’s Block is a thing of my distant past now. Inspiration ignites work and inspires more inspiration. In one of the writing classes I took many years ago, the idea of free-writing was put to me in a way that made sense. It meant giving a purpose to being able to work. To writing through any perceived Writer’s Block.

One of the ways I get through this in the present-day is to focus on a subject. It can be a topic that comes to mind or an object present in my surroundings. For whatever reason, I thought of a container of Chase & Sanborn coffee that used to be always present on the counter at my favourite diner. It was just there out of convenience, making it easier to replenish and replace the constantly emptied pots of brew. It made me think back to the many mornings that I had breakfast in the place. The servers constantly kept fresh pots of it going from open to close. I thought of the retired professor who was there every morning. He might have ate food every breakfast but maybe he didn’t. That much I cannot remember.

Those thoughts and memories lead to some other ideas which I may write out. Chase & Sanborn ran horridly sexist advertisements for their coffee’s back in more ancient times. Then again, they were definitely not the only ones who did. So maybe there is inspiration there in how advertisers need to remember to write for modern audiences. How would I write a coffee advertisement in today 2016? Lots of ideas there.

So if stuck, my suggestion is to take a subject and be subjective and write subjectively with it. The first few sentences might read back as drab and dull. Give things a chance to see if the words get freer and the flow goes smoother. I feel fortunate to never seemingly run out of ideas.



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