Jaw Surgery Recovery


On the 23rd and 24th of last month, I posted a 2-part commentary about the days leading up to my jaw surgery procedure on the 25th. Let me say I am very grateful for the kind words of support from everyone. It is rather amazing to see messages of support from many people. Recovery is well underway.

Everyone recovering from this procedure is likely to experience a path all their own. The roads may have some similar bumps, but they will be different. I referenced Graham Swan’s excellent website on many occasions leading up to and shortly after surgery. I’ve decided to move on and focus more on writing my own recovery story. I still highly recommend anyone facing this procedure in the future that they go to his website. Learn all you can about what might happen.

I’ve been asked multiple times even since those previous posts why I am not writing a more detailed log of my recovery. That’s a simple answer really. When I am able to have enough strength to write let alone read, it is to work on other things just to keep my work going forward.

Thanks all. I’m fortunate to have great readers, friends, colleagues, and family.




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