Sensitivity Is Not Weakness

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“You are sensitive”

I’ve received that commentary voiced as if it were an insult many times in my 39 years. Most occasions on the receiving end I’ve absorbed it as an insult. Never understood why. There have been countless occasions where I have said I would gladly give up my perceived sensitivity. Now it’s a part of who I am. Something to appreciate and acknowledge.

Maybe I’m “sensitive” for reasons. It’s a result of running from schoolyard bullies. It’s from having to defend myself to people as if I was preparing for a parole hearing. It’s from being taught compassion towards animals at a youthful age.  A reader on Twitter took it upon themselves to try to “insult” me on the social media platform. Like most intended attacks, I respond well to them. They are laughable examples of wide-ranging human idiocy. The initial comment from the Twitter user was because I blasted Canada Goose Clothing for their production practices.

Sensitivity is not a weakness.

It should be viewed and cherish as a strength. It is a reflection. It is the ability to see deeper into the human condition. The ability to look deeper into the real world around us. 

A reader called me “too sensitive” because I recognize animals as sentient beings. Sensitive because I wish for a world where animals would never be used for clothing, food or entertainment. I prefer to contribute to animal rescue causes instead of causes with strictly human beneficiaries. As part of that sensitivity, I recognize and respect those closest to me that may not share my views completely. In promoting animal rights and plant-based diets, my aims are to educate and enlighten.

You can say I’m sensitive. It’s a characteristic that should be considered complimentary. I’m good with it. You should be as well. Embrace your sense of sensitivity. Acknowledge, accept, repeat as required.








5 thoughts on “Sensitivity Is Not Weakness

  1. I’m an empath. I’m also a highly sensitive introvert. It took me till my 30s (recent years) to appreciate this and not see it as a weakness.

    1. I’m not 30… just 17… but am empath…highly sensitive introvert… need solitude and sometimes non judgemental patient listener ..
      I see it as a strength… I used to look at it like a weakness till last 2 years… last 2 years changed my perceptions about life and people

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