20 Year Bass

Twenty years after buying it new,
I still have this Ibanez SGR 6-String.

It was a hot summer day and I was recently transitioning from Canmore to Calgary. I finally landed a decent-paying job with a local printing company. I was living with a couple of friends thinking all was going to be well. (It fell apart quickly). I was thinking of music and maybe owning a kind of bass I always wanted to have.

I found this brilliant beauty in a nearby music store. It sounded great through any amp. It was going to give me some versatility for any situation. I convinced the shop to include a tune-up and I would pay the full price of a grand for it.

Two weeks later, I went into another music store nearby that had the same bass for two-hundred less. Lesson learned. Shop around!

Twenty-years later, several live jams and shows between Alberta and Ontario, and a few memorable drunken marathon jams in Nova Scotia, this bass has remained my main instrument with a 5-string electric upright now running a close second. I’ve had a few other instruments over the years. This one has been with me the longest. I’m still a fan of Ibanez basses and will only use Rotosound strings on any of my instruments. (The Upright will get LaBellas). I’ve been a fan of Rotosound Steel since my teen years.

Right now there is a pickup issue that has to be addressed. I will get to it when I can. It will be fixed up and be the only major repair work I’ve needed for this bass to date! This instrument has drawn comments, criticism and applause. Mostly, it’s drawn thunderous sounds that can cut through anything.



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