Short Comments on Veganism. February 2022

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The first plant-based Covid-19 vaccine now has approval in Canada. Medicago has the capacity to produce millions of vaccine doses per year. While I had hoped it would get approval sooner in order to be able to receive it, it is now approved for those that can. Hopefully, it will be available to pharmacies still involved in vaccine and booster programs.

According to the WHO, consumption of red and processed meats increases the risk for cancer. This document cannot be shared widely enough. I shared this on social media in response to laughable attacks from people who get their health advice from people not qualified to be saying anything about health.

If any sports team I support goes into a sponsorship with animal agriculture, I will speak up about it. The Toronto Maple Leafs recently made mention of promoting dairy products. If everyone really took a deep look at dairy, they would see how cruel it actually is. So this is a message to other sports organizations I support. If The Toronto Blue Jays, Aston Villa, Fife Flyers and Chicago Bulls go into sponsorships with animal agriculture I will say something. It’s vital to keep spreading the message of kindness instead of cruelty.

Get rid of your Canada Goose Jacket. Donate it to am animal shelter that could use it in emergencies to wrap up a cold pet in a rescue.



One thought on “Short Comments on Veganism. February 2022

  1. Hey Dann! I how you’re doing well! I switched to whole food plant based myself, at the end of 2019! I’m so happy with that decision too…I wish more people could understand the health benefits and the suffering that animals have to endure to end up on their plate!

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