Prosperity Preachers. Still Robbing From Vulnerable People.

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I am old enough to remember watching the televangelism boom of the 80’s and 90’s. Where charlatans and grifters begged for money from followers under the guise of religion.

It is 2022, and prosperity preachers are still finding ways to prey on the vulnerable. They promise growth of personal wealth, supernatural miracles of health and so much more. As long as you give them money.

Jim Bakker is still promoting his theories. People are still giving him money even though he’s a convicted felon. Last year he settled a lawsuit after claiming supplements he sold would cure COVID. He’s STILL an active practicing fraudster.

Kenneth Copeland and his Ministry is still assuring people that giving to them means you have a chance to “raise your income”. All that has done is raise Copeland’s income.

The YouTube channel “Full Frontal Exposure” offers very intense insight into how these prosperity preachers operate. Run by a passionate American Veteran who along with the channel “JMMI Cult Watch” was involved in drawing attention to the actions of Apostle David E. Taylor and his various Ministries. Taylor became a viral sensation due to deposition videos being posted from a family law matter. The chap behind “Full Frontal Exposure” has since been contacted by various people whose family members have fallen victim to prosperity preachers. “Full Frontal” has recently turned to bringing Mike Murdock, Kathryn Krick and others into the spotlight. This shows that these prosperity preachers are thriving.

In an era of rapidly-rising inflation, people are being convinced to hand over their last dime to prosperity preachers. In many cases this has left people destitute and depleted. It is often too little too late when they realize they have been conned. If you know someone who may be under pressure to give excess amounts of money to their churches (not just prosperity preachers), please seek whatever help you can to save them from the fate that has become common for many vulnerable persons.



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