For The Good Men Project – Thank You.

Photo by George Dolgikh on

For the last several years, The Good Men Project has syndicated over 200 of my posts from this site onto theirs. During that time, I’ve watched my readership grow steadily. Much of that growth can be attributed to The Good Men Project and I will remain forever grateful for it.

My relationship with The Good Men Project has come to an amicable end. To the readers who found me here, thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. I hope you will consider subscribing for free to my content. My books are all available through and many online retailers worldwide. They are a good investment and high in quality entertainment, I assure you!

With Twitter being an absolute mess, I am no longer as active with social media as it was the only platform I used. Being away from social media has breathed new life into my writing. If you use Twitter, you can still scroll through my content history

To Kara-Post Kennedy and everyone at The Good Men Project, thank you for giving a platform to so many progressive and diverse content creators. I will keep reading, and hope everyone else will do the same.



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