For Jim Nunn

At the beginning of the month, I widely shared among colleagues an interview from 1991 with Civil Rights and Journalism pioneer Dr. Carrie Best. She’s interviewed here outside her house in my hometown of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia.

It’s been announced that interviewer Jim Nunn passed away. He was one of the first television newscasters I remember identifying by name as a kid.

For all of the great clips of his work, this one should be getting much more views. Black History was almost non-existent during my school years. I had a handful of teachers who did try to bridge that gap. They were met with lots of residence. It’s criminal to think that it took decades to bring Viola Desmond’s story back to life. Dr. Best did all she could and more, to make people aware of reality,

I would have enjoyed meeting her if I had been given the chance to do so.

Dr. Best and Jim Nunn.


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