International #Childfree Day

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Yesterday, August 1 was International Childfree Day. Celebrating diversity in positive lifestyle decisions.

The celebrations are set to continue with TIME Magazine featuring a cover story about childfree living by author Lauren Sandler. Sandler incidentally is the author of “One And Only”, a book about having (and being) an only child.

I took to Facebook for a thorough read of several comments posted by people in various childfree support and information groups, and was dismayed by how many group readers and contributors were harassed by so-called friends for posting something about being childfree on their social media pages.

The ignorance continues.

In my book “Planned UnParenthood Creating A Life Without Procreating”, I wrote at length about the prejudices still faced by those who chose not to have children. Many still meet with resistance and dismissal from family and friends alike. Sure there are a few that do change their minds, but many who adamantly desire to remain childfree will ensure they stay that way. With birth rates dropping in the United States, perhaps this is a reflection of an increase in the childfree population.

Many people will still come out with ignorant and even downright rude comments about how wrong it supposedly is to not want children. I even had the experience of being subjected to a college instructor suggesting my computer desktop wallpaper of “Biology Isn’t Destiny” was somehow offensive.

Her suggestion that it was offensive, was offensive.

The revival of International Childfree Day is going to continue to draw attention to issues faced by those choosing no children. It will hopefully continue to promote acceptance and tolerance among a global society with a pro-natalist view.

Canadian-based Freelance Writer Dann Alexander is the Author of “Planned UnParenthood Creating A Life Without Procreating”, available through the following links; – Amazon Canada – Amazon U.S. – Chapters Indigo Coles (Canada) – Amazon U.K.

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