Pens. Within Reach, Within Steps.


They are everywhere in many homes. People bring them home accidentally from their places of work. They might receive them as promotional gifts from businesses and friends. A typical “junk drawer” might have a dozen or more. A few collectors might have a real fancy fountain pen that writes brilliantly, Something more classy and refined than an inexpensive but effective Bic Rollerball.

Pens are always within reach. It’s a reminder that one can write something anywhere. There are pens in almost every single room of the house I live in. Their used to be notebooks everywhere. Those are fewer and far between and may require a longer journey to get one.

With smart phone technology becoming more user-friendly, we tend to embrace easier ways of doing things. This is a natural and fine part of how the world evolves. Sometimes I will get an idea and need to dictate it into the phone with voice recognition, or tap out a quick note. My preference is still to keep it on paper and have it in a real physical documented form. Something to be developed or transposed later.

Have pens in lots of rooms if you must. It’s a great excuse for never missing the chance to write something.






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