Empty Space Business Blogs


Everyone reading this has come across one site, maybe more, where a business has an empty space for a blog.

“Coming Soon!”

They’ve been in business for some time, and there is no content. Or, there is dated content going back a year, maybe even longer. When businesses invest in having a website, part of that investment should be for quality regular and relevant content.

Some businesses may genuinely be really busy. They might just not have the resources to devote anything to content as part of website upkeep. This needs to evolve. A potential customer may come across the website blog and see nothing. They could easily move on to a competitor who provides more content. I’ve ran across e-commerce sites where they have invested into quality website production for sales and service, yet zero for blog content.

Most if not all media production companies that produce websites for clients can negotiate regular blog content as part of their service packages. A business with complete control of their site can easily outsource blog writing to a freelancer. This is one of the services I offer through my own business. It is always interesting to contribute to the potential success of a business. I’m very proud of the content I’ve created for clients over the years.

If you deal with a company that is missing blog content on their website when they should have it, let them know. You may be doing them a favour by suggesting they invest in content creation and management. Instead of seeing “coming soon” it’s better to see “coming up next” at the end of well-written informative content.

If you are in business, invest wisely in quality content. Keeping up appearances includes keeping up information.







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