Vegan Grocery Bills

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“It’s too expensive to eat healthy!” – Most people.

Since adopting a plant-based diet in 2017, my spouse and I have proven this wrong to every single person who has said this to us. The cost to not eating healthy can be significantly more in the long run. I’ve covered this in previous writings and intend to explore it further.

Disclaimer – As I have mentioned before on this site, I appreciate that in some places like many remote northern communities it can be quite costly. I understand there are people working hard to change this. Anyone living and working in the North is welcome to contact me to tell me how they make it work living on a plant-based diet. I know it’s possible.

Second Disclaimer – Again, yes I know it can also be difficult for those on low/fixed incomes to eat healthy. There are hundreds of thousands of people who pull it off. Look it up online and you will find endless stories.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area with multiple grocery stores, keep watch of the produce sales. This is an obvious first step. Look at what loss-leaders the retailers are putting out there to get people in to shop. In larger centers, more options are available to consumers. We are fortunate to have a couple of places that have excellent suppliers of high-quality products on a year-round basis. More about this one particular location in a future post.

Even a two or one person household can get tremendous benefit shopping at Costco on a plant-based diet. Making hummus and greens a regular part of the diet is necessary. Both can be found at Costco for very reasonable prices. One of my favourite things to get is a packaged mixture of arugula and kale. Then have a multitude of dishes served over it, and make it the base for most of our salads. Costco here also sells large bags of spinach which can be used for the same purposes. All greens can be added while cooking for extra nutrients and flavour.

Many large grocery stores will mark-down produce during their morning culls through product. On occasions they will reduce the price on product that has nothing wrong with it. In some Loblaws locations, we have found reduced tomatoes with zero flaws in them. Many have been able to last for days afterwards before use. Same with marked-down lemons and limes.

With summer in full-swing, don’t forget the farmers’ markets. You can find great deals on the bounty that is now coming in on healthy food. You may spend a little bit more on some things but the quality you get it more than worth it. One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday morning is visit any of the markets near where we live. The

Nearly two years of eating a plant-based diet has taught me much more about shopping than I ever thought possible. It continues to enrich and enlighten my health and with the increased demand for plant-based products, increase my hope for humanity.











3 thoughts on “Vegan Grocery Bills

  1. I’m not vegan, but I have found that reducing how much meat you buy is a great way to slash the cost of groceries. I’ve added quite a few vegan recipes to my rotation in part because of this. There are so many delicious things one can do with beans!

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