Digital Nutrition. A Digital Reset.

Delete a few. Delete them all. Go on a digital diet.

COVID19 has brought a few unintended consequences for information consumers. We all may have taken in more content than we probably needed to. 2020 has been a torrential storm for many. So out of boredom and a need for comfort, we seek information to take our minds away from a pandemic-stricken reality.

The winds of change are blowing through these fall months. News of potential vaccine successes have people optimistic. The vitriol and coming from the most powerful office in the world has been met with rejection from voters on the right side of history.

There has never been a more appropriate time for everyone to examine their digital diet. There must be at least one phone app you can do without. There must be something you want to do that does not involve looking at words on a computer/phone screen from a story meant to inflame and irritate.

There needs to be a global reset.

One exception. I encourage people to get to their television and computer screens for entertainment and escape. Find your favourite shows and movies. Watch them again. Pick up something new on Netflix to watch (I suggest “The Queen’s Gambit”, an absolute masterpiece).

Review your digital diet.




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