Hawkwind’s “Vegan Lunch” is an Anthem

Cover of “Into The Woods”

Legendary Space-Rock act “Hawkwind” have an ultimate anthem with their track “Vegan Lunch”. It is a peppy, upbeat message of kindness, compassion and conservation. Founder and sole original remaining member Dave Brock is speaking loudly about the need for the world to wake up to the realities of animal cruelty, personal health and climate change. “Vegan Lunch” has a great riff and a structure. It is a well-blended vegetable soup mix of punk and metal.

I was sitting in a small café,
Watching street life milling away,
No eye contact faces grim.
Are they hiding from some melodic sin?
Is it radioactive a food of fate?
Or are they going on a blind date?

Dave Brock verbally paints an interesting picture to interpret. I’ve been in many places where people bring out their colourful food for their lunches. I’ve been so many plant-based dishes with lots of colour. Some people might hide that food from the viewing and judgmental eyes of others. They don’t want to hear the criticisms from those who still believe the nonsense the animal agriculture promotes.

An alternative interpretation could be the person in the café, observing people eating animals and being disgusted with the continuing cycle. An observation of the world from that focused perspective. Are they concentrating on this food that is so bad for you it can be compared to radiation poisoning?

Now I am a vegan, I eat no meat,
It’s a good idea for people to repeat,
Set the tone, don’t eat fish,
Try something different on your dish.
Clean your system drift away, you’ll feel so much better I say

The narrator is either saying they are a vegan already and eating meat has been beneficial for their health. Or, they observed people eating amazing plant-based food and based partly on that inspiration have gone vegan. This verse is advocacy, activism and a testimony. It is proven fact that going plant-based will IMPROVE health.

Is it radioactive a food of fate?
Or are they going to be late?
Now you might find it rather strange,
That I might comment I’m not deranged.
I can see the problem that stares in our face.
Stop eating meat it’s no disgrace.
We’ve all been brainwashed with adverts here and there.
It’s time to stop. Be fair

If the “radioactive” refers to the bright colours of plant-based food, a person might be asking why is it so bright? Or, if it is so dangerous, what is really in it? A “food of fate” invites listeners to think about the results that come from what you eat. It suggests learning more about the food you are eating. Any problems are looking right back at you. Stop believing all of the lies we have been fed over the years from animal agriculture!

This song has quickly become a personal favourite over the years. It will never get old for me. Incidentally, Hawkwind’s most recent releases “Somnia” and “Carnivorous” (Under the Hawkwind Light Orchestra) expand further on a pro-vegan and animal rights message. The sleeve notes on “Carnivorous” have a dark reminder of where the world is going if humanity does not take things seriously. It concludes with links I have reproduced below. Please take time and look around. Show more compassion to animals and nature.

Try a Vegan Lunch (and I don’t mean just a plate of fries and beer). As grand as that is on some days…..

https://viva.org.uk Viva!

https://surgeactivism.org Surge Animal Rights

https://animalfreeresearchuk.org Animal Free Research UK

https://vegansociety.com Vegan Society

https://thesavemovement.org Animal Save Movement

https://ciwf.org.uk Compassion in World Farming

https://animalaid.org.uk Animal Aid

“Vegan Lunch” is written by Dave Brock. Lyrics included in this writing are with the kind and generous permission of Hawkwind Headquarters.

Be Kind To Animals



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