Vegan Eating and Better Living


Vegan Chili. I’m still not a major fan of beans, with a few exceptions. 

Anytime I contemplate food in the here and now, there is a feeling of overwhelming gratitude. It’s a simple thing people take for granted. Never did I think moving to a plant-based diet would be so easy, and so enjoyable. This kind of consumption is life-giving, and life-affirming.

Daily, and I do mean daily, there are moments of self-shock when I think back of how my previous food habits were. Witnessing something at a grocery store that might have been part of my old murdered habits of eating murdered animals on a regular basis. Having a diet of mostly animal products was detrimental to my health. It was serving me no purpose except to fill my hunger and leave me feeling rough and rotten most times afterwards. When I walk past the meat section in a store (if I cannot avoid it completely) I see death and cruelty. At the same time I’m working not to pass judgment on those who are working those counters to put that product out. I was once one of them as a former employee of one of the largest grocery chains in Canada. What I witness is my past eating habits. These were things that were part of my past meal plans.  Things that contributed to health issues that once dominated my life and dictated my future.

This whole new way of living still feels fresh and new. It’s regenerative and rejuvenating. People have begun to ask me about this on a weekly basis. More are opening their eyes and minds to the reality of a world where some people are seeing the truth about their health, and the health of those around them.




2 thoughts on “Vegan Eating and Better Living

  1. We rely on wild game for a lot of our meat needs in my house, but for whatever reason I just don’t eat as much meat any more. I’ve been like this since I sobered up in 2005. I actually enjoy my meatless dishes more than the meat ones. They seem to be true simple pleasures.

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