Veganniversary – 2 Years Later

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Two years a vegan. Many days are heart-heavy. Thoughts slip in and out of the unconscionable slaughter and suffering that takes place every day.

Every minute, every second…

And most of humanity does not realize it. Nor do they accept the reality when the facts and science is placed in front of them. The Amazon Forests are burning out of control, set by those involved in the large South American animal agriculture industry. People now see the reality of how much harm animal agriculture causes to the environment. Leading nutritional medicine specialists from across the globe are turning up the volume even higher. More people are visiting amazing resources like Nutrition Facts.

There was a time period over the last two years I spent dwelling in regret. Why did I not come to this sooner? How could I have preached animal rights and rescue, while consuming their flesh and secretions? You can no longer love one while eating another. Speciesism exists everywhere. 

In my teens when I was discovered the great grindcore heavy metal band Exit-13, there was a message within their music that I discovered and thought was interesting. Then I did nothing to follow-through on it. Those messages were meant to be environmental alarms going off. References to John Robbins “Diet For a New America” was a message about eating less or no meat at all. As a kid I didn’t think this was possible. There were a few vegetarian school classmates who did it. I was convinced by the majority that this wasn’t feasible.

Shortly after I returned to Nova Scotia in 2012, a Facebook* post from someone inspired me to try a “Meatless Monday”. Ironically, it was from Exit-13 vocalist Bill Yurkiewicz. My plan was to take it all a step further and try no meat for a week. It was easy. I felt great, and it left me thinking this was something I really could do all the time. That week I still still consumed dairy because I did not make a possible connection on the proven consequences of dairy products. My goal at the time was to consider a move to vegetarianism. Veganism was not even close to the surface of my circle of thoughts. This meat free week stuck with me and would help inspire my decision in 2017 which has lead me to where I am now.

(*I am no longer on Facebook and never will be again)

Earlier in August,  I addressed my personal perspective on vegan grocery bills. In this, I suggested people check out some of the marked-down produce as often there is literally nothing wrong with most of the product. I want to introduce readers to an amazing app called Flashfood. This is a Toronto-based startup which has partnered with Loblaws stores across Canada to provide discount food to consumers. They will advertise a box of product at a very reasonable rate. If you purchase the product box you make your payment online before heading to the store location. Each box is contained in a Flashfood storage fridge in the store.  You report to the customer service desk in order to pick up the box. We have picked up a few boxes of quality product already.  Recently, we acquired a box containing several peppers for $4.00. All of the peppers alone might have cost double or triple the amount.

Making that connection two years ago was a powerful moment. It was a sober wake-up to the reality of the world we currently live in. Plant-based eating is more sound from ethical and health standpoints. Each year since going vegan, I discover and learn many more reasons justifying the choice. More sound science emerges connecting the health benefits of plant-based eating. Some of that science is old-news brought back to be made afresh again. I’ve witnessed more things that cannot been unseen. Things that leave me heart-heavy. Over the course of the third year, I hope to remind myself regularly of the positive steps forward the movement takes. The local Vegfest here in the Halifax area is growing stronger. In cities across the world their own Vegfests are also growing or in some instances, beginning.

A better world lies ahead if we all can contribute something to its’ improvement.








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