Embracing Escapism


If you read or watch the news, you see the world painted as being in a very poor place.  The positive stories being reported are few and far between. Expert social media users can curate their feed down to something that is more tolerable. This is one of the main reasons I only user Twitter. It is a feed I can continue to customize to my own viewing preferences. It doesn’t leave me oblivious to the reality of what goes on outside my window. It leaves me to have greater choice in what I want to read about.

The difficulty in finding the good seems to be on the increase.  Cynicism is on the rise.

Or am I just projecting?

A recent positive news story reported that the Hallmark Channel is enjoying a major television ratings boom. In an age where consumers are demanding more choice and television providers are starting to wake up and smell the strength in their coffee, notice has been taken. People want to escape to more positive things. It gets easier, albeit at times it can be distracting. How many of you reading this instantly turn to YouTube in order to play that funny comedic moment you remember from the past, or a cute animal video you just have to see again? If you own a Smartphone, you do this because you can.

A classic escapism outlet is seeing a decrease. Hollywood may have just seen the most discouraging summer box office numbers ever. People are going to the movies in reduced numbers. It could be ticket prices. Maybe it is the easy access to video on demand through television service providers. Netflix subscription numbers are strong and in most of their markets, getting stronger.

Books and music remain another strong escape. For me personally, a used bookstore and music store provides a paradise of solitude that is almost unmatched. Both offer meditative escapes that easily draws focus away from any negativity and stress.

It is becoming more important for people to find those escapes as part of their every day routines. Part of embracing life should involve embracing an escape from everyday life. If you have been neglecting a favourite method of escape, now is the perfect time to rediscover it and how it helps. If you are looking for a new means of escape, look hard until you find something that adds value to your life.

It could be the breath of fresh air you may really need.





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